COLLABS | The Local Collective

 A collaboration between two duidelik individuals joining mofo forces. Philia and Tony Gum, the South African YouTubers.

Philia and Tony Gum, an artistic duo that captures life in Cape Town, South Africa, by visually showcasing their views via Youtube and Blogging. Inspired and driven by their taste in music and surroundings, TLC dynamically showcases fashion, culture, places, local music, film, night life and much more. 

"We want to expose Cape Town lifestyle, not only by our dynamic means but through our cultural backgrounds too. Our objective is to make being South African as desirable as it is to be any other mainstream nationality."

Images taken by Roché Esron Permall.

Halala, umswenko. 


Lookbook | Klub Tropikana

Printed doeks - Xtina's
Printed dress (worn as tee) - Mr Price
White skirt - Salvation Army, Mowbray
Brown tee - Thrifted 
Jelly Shoes - Mr Price
Backpack - Hurley

My people !

Spring is mos here and Summer is around the corner (for most parts of this country - damn you, Cape Town) and we clearly have nil fear - OH. 

  • Filmed in the obvious streets of the beautiful Bo Kaap (how typical) we managed to get as much we could with a battery that was shortly to expire. But of course, we done did it. Thank you, Xtina

  • 'Klub Tropikana', drinks are free. 
Fun and sunshine - there's enough for everyone.
All that's missing is the sea,
But don't worry, you can suntan! - WHAM!

Ed Suter at the InAWE Residency

"Ed Suter, two models dressed in Bantu Wear and one assistant travelled around Mamre, Philidelphia, Elsies River and the CBD to shoot in wheat and canola fields, on an old school bus and at a block of flats, and the results are just as enchanting as the 60s jazz records that inspired this series." - 

Happy, the oh-so-charming Hugh Masekela and myself, the timeless Miriam Makeba, had a somewhat thrilling time as we travelled through Cape Town, landing at the destinations that Ed had sourced. Missing out on a bloody blissful morning - if I may add - I joined the fellas later in the afternoon and we made our way to Elsies River.

Shucks I enjoyed myself so much. The vibrant, warm and welcoming community was not so easy to say goodbye to (especially since we know the circumstances of it) but I trust that it won't be my last visit.


The day finally came to an end, ate some Nandos - yurrrm! - took the train home and Fin.

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