It girl

Hey Fam, what up Fam

I've been quite occupied with varsity work but now that the term is close to an end, I figured an update is well deserved. These images were taken today. Yes, I literally don't waste time.
But what I'd really like to bring to your attention is my new muse (I'd like to think). Stacey Harper. While shooting this beauty, I could feel her nerves shooting through the lens. While posing, she made delicate awkward gestures while trying to find a spot to set her eyes... I loved every second of it. 

This will not be the last time you see her (thank you for selling your soul to me, Stacey - baayybee).  

Art Direction: Tony Gum
Photography: Tony Gum
Models: Stacey Harper


Did you find Phys. Ed cool?

Did you like your over-enthusiastic (fat) teacher? I thought not.

Could we please just take a moment to imagine a better world and a life worth running those compulsory 3km's for? A coach worth getting ready and arriving on time for; a coach worth pushing that extra set for; a coach worth collecting those balls that are laaming on the other side for?

Well dear friends, here she is, here he is - your dream Phys. Ed coaches:

But honestly guys, I just wanted to shoot my two fams (yeah, I said 'fams') looking dead with a sport theme to correspond with it, so here it is. That's all there is to it. Sho. K, thanks. Bah.


Art Direction: Tony Gum
Photography: Sipho Mpongo & Tony Gum
Styling: Siki Msuseni

Black Coca-Cola

Figured Coca-Cola needed a black woman in their presence.
This is evidently not a racist remark - just a proud one.

A woman derived from the 60's, as well as an African woman (which explains why the crate is on my head) merged into one to create an image of Black Coca-Cola lady. An image relatable to every Mom, Pink and Larry.

Basically Coke, can we just make this happen? Mama Letta's song even agrees.