Collabs | Adidas Originals for Superbalist

As part of the The Way of Us and the #SuperbMe campaign, Superbalist contacted a sister in regards to an oh-so-sweet collaboration. 

Besides Coca-Cola, Adidas is another brand that I'd like to touch base with; so when Superbalist presented the 'very close to the aspiration' offer, I jumped on it. Also, being nominated on the Superbalist 100 (which is a list I'd really like to care for) was a kind gesture from a cute mysterious human (thank you).

Shall we move along swiftly to body of this post?  

Lately, I've been highly enchanted by the Middle East culture, religion, fashion and so forth. And when I saw the Adidas Originals range, only one thought (that had been dwelling on mind for a few months now) sprung to mind:  M.I.A's Bad Girls Video. Strange? It's been weighing on me like a heavy, newborn baby burden blessing but the range was clearly a beautiful backhand hit from Serena Williams. 

Paisley prints (that are so damn reminiscent to those bandanna days) and monochrome colours. Although, I must add, black and white are not my favourite colours to consistently integrate but I guess the challenge was to seek the surrounding colours and bring them out. I hope it worked?

Inspired by M.I.A's Bad Girls video, I thought it would be interesting to marry the sportswear brand with the Middle Eastern traits (with all due respect that is). It's 'conservative', yet cool portrayal of the black and white Paisley print. 

Working with an all women team and very good friends, Diana, Philia and myself managed to execute the vision - ooooweee oooweee ! And I truly am grateful for this opportunity - I love Adidas.

P.S Babies are not burdens! I scratched that nonsense out.

Art Direction and Styling: Tony Gum
Photography: Philia
Models: Diana Musoni and Tony Gum

The Coke Evolution

I think I've come to accept that "Why (Black) Coca-Cola?" is second most asked question in my life after "How are you?" (of course). What makes it awkward is that I know the true answer to that question but I'd rather dodge that bullet with a commercial response that'll probably make you think 'Wow, she's so deep.'

Side Note: I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog but it's not exactly my duty to entertain fellow humans but I'm sorry nontheless. I have a tumblr though, that's updated ever-so-often: Tonygumonline

As I was saying, please don't fall into the trap of asking me that question but if it's a one-on-one encounter, the chances of me giving-in to answer truthfully are high. I do not wish to deny good people of the truth.

And for those of you, whom I will not be so fortunate to meet, stay tuned on this site. As unreliable as it is, you know you love it ;) haha. The point that I'm trying to make here is that I want to share the journey with you. It's an experience - it's The Coke Evolution. 

Stay tuned. Stay blessed.

It girl

Hey Fam, what up Fam

I've been quite occupied with varsity work but now that the term is close to an end, I figured an update is well deserved. These images were taken today. Yes, I literally don't waste time.
But what I'd really like to bring to your attention is my new muse (I'd like to think). Stacey Harper. While shooting this beauty, I could feel her nerves shooting through the lens. While posing, she made these awkward delicate gestures while trying to find a spot to set her eyes... I loved every second of it. 

This will not be the last time you see her (thank you for selling your soul to me, Stacey - baayybee).  

Art Direction: Tony Gum
Photography: Tony Gum
Model: Stacey Harper


Did you find Phys. Ed cool?

Did you like your over-enthusiastic (fat) teacher? I thought not.

Could we please just take a moment to imagine a better world and a life worth running those compulsory 3km's for? A coach worth getting ready and arriving on time for; a coach worth pushing that extra set for; a coach worth collecting those balls that are laaming on the other side for?

Well dear friends, here she is, here he is - your dream Phys. Ed coaches:

But honestly guys, I just wanted to shoot my two fams (yeah, I said 'fams') looking dead with a sport theme to correspond with it, so here it is. That's all there is to it. Sho. K, thanks. Bah.


Art Direction: Tony Gum
Photography: Sipho Mpongo & Tony Gum
Styling: Siki Msuseni

Black Coca-Cola

Figured Coca-Cola needed a black woman in their presence.
This is evidently not a racist remark - just a proud one.

A woman derived from the 60's, as well as an African woman (which explains why the crate is on my head) merged into one to create an image of Black Coca-Cola lady. An image relatable to every Mom, Pink and Larry.

Basically Coke, can we just make this happen? Mama Letta's song even agrees.